As parents, we have dozens of concerns when we think with regards to our kids’ future. All we want is to inculcate healthy habits in them and jeopardize them with concise development. Have you ever noticed whenever you see kids sucking their thumbs, their parents are after their life? Parents wonder if this habit continues to grow further, and therefore, they ask them to get away with it right away as to not seek help for the latter!

Yes, it does have adverse side effects if the child gets in perpetuate state of the habit. At one point or the other, you have to say, “Enough is Enough!” Some of the possible side effects explained by Victoria Pediatric Dentist, are mentioned below:

  • Openbite
    Referred to as “Malocclusion” in categorical terms. This is the most severe side effects that can get permanent, and even the alignment is not correct. Another person can see even when the mouth is closed. It occurs when the front part of the top and bottom teeth becomes directly outwards. It requires orthodontic correction to cure the misalignment. 
  • Overbite
    As similar to openbite, overbite happens when teeth become directly outwards. This misalignment can affect the shape of your face, and For this, you need extensive orthodontic treatment so that teeth don’t overlap amongst each other.
  • Skin Problems
    Children who suck their thumbs for a longer duration of time can experience serious skin issues. It may raise an issue with some infection or in a worst-case scenario; it may crack or bleed. 

To get away, you may offer pacifiers to your child, and don’t forget to visit your child’s dentist regularly. Consult your pediatric dentist if you wish to break this habit as soon as possible and improve the biting habit of your child!