Allergies are annoying and painful at the same time. Literally! That is why such a beautiful spring season becomes unbearable for many of us. Also sore throat, itchy eyes, and stuffy nose- all these being the inevitable signs of the allergy seems to be the worst things. But some of us also experience sore teeth as part of the seasonal allergy. Are they connected?

Well, actually, they do have some connection, but this sore teeth problem is not the usual one that we face in the case of the regular dental issue. In fact, it creates a temptation to brush or floss the teeth again and again, which is very irritating. So, the pain is not actually caused by the teeth but somewhere around it.

Sinus Pain or Dental Decay?

Sinus pain is a common sign of the seasonal allergy, and it is misunderstood for dental pain often because of the proximity of the maxillary sinus and the upper molars. Now, if you want to find the truth behind the pain, check if it is paining in the nasal passage and the forehead area. If it does, it is the allergy that’s causing it.

Dry Mouth Due to Allergy

People who suffer through the allergy frequently complain of dry mouth, which again leads to dental issues. This is so because saliva is the natural guard against the bacteria and prolonged absence of the saliva, thus causing the accumulation of bacteria around the mouth. That makes us conclude the relation between the allergy and sore teeth.

Solution for the Discomfort

The common signs of an allergy are mentioned above, and it is apparent that allergy can somehow be related to the sore teeth. Now you cannot exactly put a ban on the allergies but still can own a few preventive steps for keeping the pain away.  Let us thus have a look at the steps that can prevent us from the attack of such seasonal allergies:

  • Avoid roaming out in the windy and dry weather.
  • If you do, take a shower once you are back.
  • Keep your windows closed on the night as well as the day, especially when the pollen count is high.
  • Use anti-allergy medication or the antihistamines to treat the allergy.

Consult the Best Experts

If the irritating pain doesn’t stop even after these solutions, you must see your doctor and consult with him for the instructions. Moreover, it is understood that the throbbing effect is not at all pleasing, but before taking any medication, you must be sure about the true cause of that ache. This also applies to the sore teeth during the seasonal allergy attacks as a simple pain relief medication for the toothache might not treat this pain effectively. Thus, judge the pain with the help of the information written above and then take the required medication.

Nonetheless, your dentist and the doctor are qualified enough to assess the symptoms and make an accurate decision about the cure. Don’t be in a  hurry about getting the medicine as the wrong set of medications may worsen the problem. Instead, consult with him on time and be on the safe side.