Tooth decay is one of the most common oral health issues in vogue these days. It is affecting children and adults at a growing rate. It occurs when plaque combines with sugar from the food we eat. The combination leads to the formation of acid that can damage teeth and weaken tooth enamel. There is no solution beyond a professional dental treatment that can be taken to prevent cavities. For the same, you need to consult Victoria Family Dentist who can help you get rid of tooth decay with the advanced professional treatment methods.
The earlier the intervention, the easier it is to fix. Therefore, it is important to opt for dental fillings which help to drill out the decay and insert some material into it. Other options like crown is also available, which is when our Victoria Family Dentist drills away the decayed part of your teeth and then places a custom-fitted cap. Root canal is another ideal fit that will allow your dentist to remove the diseased tooth pulp and apply some medication to clear the infection. This will replace the pulp with a filling. Last but not the least, when your tooth is so severely damaged that your dentist can’t fix it it has to be taken out. Your dentist will then recommend getting a bridge or a dental implant. 

Reasons for Tooth Decay
Intake of sugary foods
This is the major cause of tooth decay. Sugary foods are the best friends of bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth feeds off sugary food and then start coating your teeth in damaging acid. This can happen several times over the course of a single meal. It is therefore required to brush your teeth after each meal and avoid acid intake.

Dry Mouth
Patients with dry mouth will likely to have dental issues leading to tooth decay. Dry mouth could either be genetic or caused by some medical conditions. 

Teeth Grinding
Many people do not even realize while grinding their teeth. It typically occurs when you are asleep or under stress. It leads to tooth decay owing to the fact that it strips away the outer layer of tooth enamel.

In addition to getting the treatment mentioned above, it is recommended to see your dentist for regular visits. Your dentist will be able to guide you on how often you need to visit based on their knowledge of your oral health. The more you will visit your dentist, the more likely it is that they will resolve the issue before damage occurs.