Uncertainty do persist! This is the most common question asked by many parents to an orthodontist: “When should our child first visit the orthodontist?” Many doctors suggest that it is rightful to say that tiny tots should visit the doctor no later than seven years old. This is the age when molars and incisors built-in. An orthodontist carefully looks and is trained to work on the misalignment of your child’s teeth.

The period of observation is there to monitor if the child has any adverse habits like thumb sucking or large/small bite problems. Yes, these irregularities can be corrected by Victoria Family Dentist. The orthodontist there builds a beautiful friendly relation with the patient, such that the child has no more woes! The thin line of trust is maintained at all costs.

What does early visit imply?
It’s that time of the year again! And it’s so important to make a visit to your doctor for the evaluation at a tender age. At this bare age, the alignment of the teeth can be looked upon. Even if your child has crooked, protruding teeth, it can be positioned in the right manner.

Is the visit necessary?
There are so many concerns that go behind the doors. The first visit is usually dreaded by the child and both parent and child have various concerns and questions pertaining to the fact if the treatment is vital for the child’s oral health. If the orthodontist dentist detects no issue, then he/she would suggest to go for periodical visits such that the growth is not hampered by any chance. Ensure that the permanent teeth come in the right sequence.

The best decision that you can make for your child is to talk it out and understand the core of the dental problems. Know what is the depth and what should be the best course of action suitable as per the severity.