With the passage of time, your teeth lose their original white shine and get stained. This discoloration process gets speeded up with the consumption of food and beverages that cause staining like coffee or wine. Professional whitening treatments are not accessible to a vast majority of people as   they are expensive. If you are looking for an affordable way of getting the pearly white teeth, read on.

Whitening is not recommended to children and people with some allergies. Sensitive teeth also require special treatments to whiten. Knowing which product is best suited for your teeth type is thus the first and foremost step of whitening. Many at-home products are available to give your teeth a whiter finish. Some brands have started using organic ingredients in these whitening products to improve their quality.


You might have heard of a lot of toothpaste brands using the term whitening. Such specially designed types of toothpaste have polishing agents that help remove stains from the teeth due to their abrasive action. They do not bleach the teeth but only whiten the outer surface. This is the least expensive out of all teeth whitening methods.


Whitening gels are more effective in removing stains as they contain peroxide. These can be easily applied to the teeth using a small brush. It is important only to use the amount of gel specified to avoid any harm to your teeth. Some specially designed pens or brushes are available for applying the whitening gel on your teeth.


Repeated use of whitening strips can help apply the peroxide-based gels easily. These effective strips are invisible. They can improve your teeth by many shades in just a matter of a few weeks. The effectiveness of this method comes from the fact that the teeth are exposed to the whitening agent for a longer time. 


Plastic trays or even molds are used to apply the whitening agent on your teeth. Readymade trays that can adapt to your teeth are also available. 


These work just like any other mouthwash but have an added whitening formula. It is one of the easiest methods to whiten your teeth, but it takes the most time. These rinses have the additional benefit of helping in removing plaque and provide fresh breath.


These use LED lights to increase the penetration of the whitening gel into the teeth. The process of whitening is quite effective and quick. 

After the procedure, your teeth remain sensitive for some time and are more vulnerable to stains. Avoiding staining food and activities like smoking can maintain your bright smile. For people with sensitive teeth or some other existing dental conditions, it is better to take counsel from a professional before adopting any whitening regimen. Visiting your dentist regularly and taking proper care of your dental health can go a long way in delaying the staining or yellowing of your teeth.