Flossing is a very important cleaning process as its regular practice removes plaque, also prevents its build up, which can lead to tartar. Flossing works on areas which are inaccessible by the tooth brush( such as the in between areas of teeth and tight reaches of the gums, thus, it can make the teeth look brighter by removing plaque and excess food particles that are difficult to be seen in the mirror.

Flossing is to mouth just as a vacuum cleaner is to your carpet. Picture a carpet in your mind before and after it is vacuum cleaned. Initially the dust and dirt may not be visible, but once you vacuum and the dust and dirt is removed, the carpet looks brighter. The same purpose is fulfilled by flossing in the mouth.

What Does Flossing Do To Your Gums?

They say “cleanliness is next to godliness”, this statement is a universal truth. Absence of cleanliness is the root cause of a lot of diseases. Keeping your gums unclean makes them unhealthy. Even brushing your teeth twice a day might not be able to save you from that fate, unless you support brushing with flossing. Tooth brushing is essential for good oral hygiene but it alone may not be sufficient to protect you from gum disease and tooth loss.

Many people suffering from sensitive or bleeding gums may avoid flossing under the misconception that they would make their bleeding gums worse by doing it. But the fact is, flossing improves the health of your gums, thereby helping to cure their bleeding.

Even if you were not schooled about flossing during your childhood or teen years, don’t worry, start now. It’s never too late to form good habits . Good oral hygiene is of pristine importance and now you know how you can improve the health of your gums. Go and buy the right floss product.

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is very much treatable. Flossing is an important measure to keep your gums healthy.

Plaque is one of the biggest causes for gingivitis. Flossing helps in preventing accumulation of plaque and thereby, intercept the signs and symptoms of gingivitis before they occur. Together with brushing and rinsing, you could keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life. Thus, do take care of your oral hygiene. Now you know perfectly how it is done.