A missing tooth calls for declined oral health and self-confidence. This is the reason it becomes important to replace a missing tooth. Well, there are multiple options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth but dentures and bridges have emerged as a real saver. Replacing missing teeth is not only important for cosmetic reasons but also keeps existing teeth to move out of place. Dentures and bridges both have their own set of advantages and drawbacks based on the requirement of individuals. It is therefore required to do some research into what will work for you and your lifestyle.

What Are Partial Dentures
Partial dentures are composed of a molded plate that is attached to the replacement teeth. This plate clips onto the remaining teeth that surround the area where you have gaps. A partial denture is something that you wear during the day and take out at night. It is used when one or more missing teeth are in either upper or lower dental arch.

Our dentists place the metal framework across the roof of the mouth and extend them to the lower or back portion of teeth. The small attachment in partial denture connects them to nearby teeth. They are designed to replace multiple missing teeth.


  • Partial dentures are the best for people with misaligned and unstructured teeth.
  • It works ideally for patients who are missing numerous teeth or teeth on both sides of the mouth.
  • Partial dentures are recommended in case of gum disease.
  • Partial dentures are also apt for patients with a certain medical history or smoking.
  • Dentures are also preferred because they are easy to remove.
  • They are also quite economical than permanent bridges.


  • Partial dentures last for around 5 years which means they need to be replaced frequently. However, with other permanent tooth replacement options, there are increased chances of durability and sustainability.
  • When compared with other tooth replacement, dentures are less comfortable.
  • Some patients may find embarrassing to remove dentures when sleeping or cleaning them.

What Is a Bridge
Bridges are considered the best solution in case of single-tooth replacement. A bridge is cemented to your teeth using the healthy teeth on both the side of gaps. They can be used when you have your natural teeth on both sides of the gap created by your missing tooth. Bridges fill a gap in teeth by using existing teeth or implants around the gap. This cements the artificial tooth in place.


  • Bridges are a more permanent solution since there is no risk of falling out.
  • Bridges last often much longer.
  • It allows patients to enjoy the new smile with ease of speech, chewing food better and so on.


  • Complete denture needs to be removed regularly for cleaning which can be time-consuming.
  • It may deteriorate over a period of time.

Which One Is Better?
This question can be best answered by our dentists if you are only missing a single or two teeth, a bridge may be the right option but if you are missing several teeth, partial dentures can be the right fit. Consult our dentists today to find out an ideal solution for your overall oral health

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